Money bagg yo

Money bagg Yo is a 27 year old rapper from Memphis Tennessee. He has a very smooth flow and raps on a hard Memphis beat. Money Bagg Yo aka Money Bagg first released music in 2012. In Memphis he was known a little bit by the younger people, but he wasn’t really blowing up like he wanted to. He decided to take some time off dropping music and decided to just work on his craft. Most rappers end up falling off and disappearing after taking a long break out of the rap game. Especially somebody who takes a 5 year break. In 2017 Money Bagg dropped his debut album Federal 3x and he was back better than ever before. It was number 5 on the Billboard top 200 Mixtapes for a good amount of time. That along side the Mixtape called Heartless blew Money bagg Yo up all the way up to the top.Image result for moneybagg yo


Glokknine next man up out of Florida

Glokknine is one of the new up and coming rappers in the game. He is from Orlando, Florida, and he is 17 years old. Even though he is so young he started off writing his debut song “Jail House Blues”  from a jail cell. Glokknine has been in a lot of trouble with police throughout his life. In Florida stealing cars is the thing to do. Glokknine said in an interview that by the age of 18 he had been arrested 12 times for Grand theft auto, gun charges, robbery charges and marijuana. The first time Glokknine got arrested was when he was 13 years old, he was caught doing Grand Theft Auto. On October 3rd of this year Glokknine was arrested for Grand Theft Auto, possession of a weapon, and marijuana. Glokknine like many other rappers gains popularity from catching these charges believe it or not. This is because he raps about stealing cars and things like that, so when people see that he is actually doing it they want to listen to his music. Glokknine is widely compared to another rapper out of Broward County Florida Kodak Black. They get compared a lot because if you listen to Kodak’s songs, than Glokknine’s songs it is very easy to tell that their voices and flows are very similar. Kodak is the biggest thing out of Florida right now and one of the biggest rappers in the game now. So at first when Glokknine was being compared to Kodak Black he liked it because he was gaining popularity off of it. After a while Glokknine got tired of the comparisons to Kodak because now he is getting to a level where they are starting to compete with one another. One of Glokknine’s most popular songs is called ” talm bout”. In this song the chorus says ” talking bout the next Kodak hell nah, I wanna be Glokknine”. At the beginning of the song he gives credit to Kodak and says that this is not a diss track or anything like that. It was simply a message to the world that Glokknine is his own person, and he does not want to be compared to Kodak anymore. Image result for glokknine


Jaydayoungan is a 20 year old rapper from a small town in Lousiana called Bogalusa. Being from Lousiana Jaydayoungan grew up listening to the original rap kings from Lousiana, like Lil Wayne and Lil boosie. I was born the same year as Jaydayoungan and I grew up on those same rappers. Jaydayoungan released his first song and mixtape in 2017. That year was a huge for him because he dropped 3 of his 4 total mixtapes that year. One thing that i really like about Jaydayoungan is that he is consistent. You can put any of those mixtapes on shuffle and all of the songs are good. Jaydayoungan is one of the more low key rappers in the game. He has had a few interviews with Vlad Tv but other than that not much is known about him. I could not even find his real name anywhere online. Even though there is not much known about Jaydayoungan one thing that I do know is that he is very talented. His most famous album is the real jumpman 23, and he called it that because the clips he uses hold 23 shots.

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Lil Baby and Gunna



Lil Baby and Gunna are some of the hottest names in Hip Hop right now. Together they are even better. Everybody has been wanting Lil Baby and Gunna to Collab together after their first single together. ” Sold Out Dates” Lil Baby and Gunna have made a few more songs together and every single one of them has been a hit. Tonight at Midnight Lil Baby and Gunna are dropping their highly anticipated tape ” Drip too Hard”. Many people are saying that this will be one of the best albums of 2018. This year was a great year for Hip Hop, and many new rappers had their debut albums. The future of Hip hop looks bright with all of this new young talent emerging.

The GOAT is back



Dwayne Carter Or lil Wayne is known as one of the best rappers of all time. I think that he is the best rapper of all time. Lil Wayne has been rapping for a very long time. His first song ” The block is hot” came out in 1999, at the time i was only 1 years old. I am now 19 and I grew up listening to Wayne. Lil Wayne was going through some trouble with somebody very surprising. Birdman is an old head rapper who basically raised Wayne. Wayne’s father left him in a car by himself while he was in a strip club.  Wayne was in the car crying and rapping about how he felt for fun, when Birdman pulled up and saw him. He told young Wayne to hop in the car and the rest is history. Birdman raised Wayne like his own son. He taught Wayne how to rap and in the year 1995 Dwayne Carter signed with cash money (Birdmans Label)  at the age of 11. Lil Wayne rose to be the best Rapper of all time. Lil Wayne and birdman started having beef in 2015.  Wayne decided to sue Birdman and cash money for 51 Million, he said that he was not correctly paid for albums dating all the way back to the Carter 3 which released in 2008. Lil Wayne and Birdman were having court battles and disputes for years. The entire time this was going on Lil Wayne stopped releasing albums because he refused to lose more money to Birdman. I remember when Lil Wayne’s last album dropped before his dispute, I was in the 8th grade. Earlier this year Wayne won his law suit and announced the soon the be released of the highly anticipated Carter 5. On September 27, 2018 Lil Wayne dropped the Carter 5. Lil Wayne was simply back to his legendary ways on the Carter 5. All 23 of the tracks were on the top 25 apple music list, and his top songs will be on their for months. The Carter 5 is the best album of 2018 so far.

Gunna With The Latest Drip out the A



Sergio Kitchens better known by his stage name Gunna went from rapping for fun to being one of the biggest new rappers in the game. Gunna is from College Park, Georgia. His first album was also his debut album called ” Drip Season”. He then followed with Drip season 2 and 3. Atlanta Georgia is one of the biggest cities in Rap these days. All of the rappers from the A have a different flow then everybody else. The Migos, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Future, Lil Baby, and Gunna are just a few of Atlantas hottest rappers. Gunna signed with Young Thugs record company YSL after he released the first Drip Season. Lil Baby and Gunna dropped a song together called ” sold out dates” and at the time it was the most popular song for the both of them. ” Sold Out Dates” currently has over 46 million views on youtube. Youtube is the way that many of these rappers get most of the popularity. This is because of the crowd that these rappers are attracting are younger people who cant afford Itunes or spotify. Another reason that Youtube is so big with rap music is because it instantly has every new song. Last week Lil Baby and Gunna announced that they will be dropping a Collab together. This is one of the most highly anticipated Mixtapes of 2018. The first song of the Collab was realized last week and already had 3.4 Million views on Youtube. Even the bigger more widely known rappers get a lot of publicity from Youtube. For example Young Thugs song ” Best Friend” has 211 million views on youtube. The city of Atlanta and Hip Hop go together. Atlanta is the new LA of the rap game today.

Lil Baby The next Young Thug



Dominuqe Jones better known as Lil Baby is another young rapper who is in the spotlight. Lil Baby is from Atlanta, Georgia and he is 23 years old. Lil Baby did not even start making music until 2017, but in between now and then he has had 3 songs on the Billboard top 100.

Lil Baby was strictly making a living off selling drugs until he went to prison when he was 18. He has been in and out of prison literally his entire life. His first time getting in trouble with the police he was only 12 years old. He got caught robbing a house. Lil Baby started to really get in trouble once he got a little bit older. He was in jail from age 18-20.

In 2017 Lil Baby dropped 3 albums. The last one ” Harder Than Ever” was his debut album that really blew him up the most. Before this album dropped many people knew about Lil Baby, but now everyone knows about him. Drake even appeared in a song on Lil Baby’s album, and it happens to be the most popular song. People now know who Lil Baby is and this year he will definitely get an invite to the XXL magazine freshman class.

Lil Baby has a different rap style and flow that is different to most people. Lil Baby likes to do that Young Thug flow that makes people want to dance every time that they hear it. Lil Baby and another young rapper Gunna are a duo that people love.